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Supporting Education for Generations: In honour of Dr. John Michael

by Paper Airplanes

Jenny came across Paper Airplanes by chance: while interviewing a potential candidate for a job vacancy at her job, she learned about this candidate’s tutoring journey with Paper Airplanes and was interested in learning more about the organisation. 

Jenny quickly grew to value the aim of the organisation: with a global and virtual reach, Paper Airplanes is able to deliver language learning for conflict-affected individuals in the Middle East region. Jenny especially appreciated the mission of the organisation centered on education, helping people build the skills they will be able to use for a lifetime. Additionally, Jenny was impressed by our Women in Tech program - which provides free Business Analytics, Python, and Web Development courses for conflict-affected women. 

educaJenny and her family have pledged a recurring donation to Paper Airplanes in honor of her father, Dr. John Michael. Her father was born in a small village outside of Damascus, Syria. He started his career as a teacher and school principal, and eventually moved to the United States to pursue a degree in medicine. Jenny mentioned how her father moved to the United States without much, and recounted how he would often study under the street lights so he could continue his education. Her father’s commitment to continuing his education, and securing that of his daughters, Jenny and her sister, has instilled in the family a strong value in lifelong learning, which they choose to continue to honor by supporting individuals whose education has been interrupted due to conflict. 

Jenny and her family’s contribution, in honor of Dr. John Michael, will support Paper Airplanes to continue its mission of providing access to education for conflict affected individuals. Supporting Syrian students as they, like Jenny’s father, build skills and explore careers for themselves represents a chance to share Dr. Michael’s commitment with his birthplace and home country.  Paper Airplanes is inspired by Jenny’s support, and is grateful for the opportunities it represents for our students.

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