• Paper Airplanes is a nonprofit organization registered in the USA that matches conflict-affected individuals with personal tutors for 16-18 week sessions conducted via video conferencing platforms such as zoom, google meet, etc. We have two programs, all formed in response to student demand.

  • Our Programs

    English Program

    Women in Tech

  • What Our Students Say

    "The most remarkable thing about the English Program is that it gives us the chance to talk with native speakers and get to know other students worldwide, benefit from their knowledge and learn about their cultures through conversation groups like a small community."

    - Rama Ballan

  • What Our Tutors Say

    "Tutoring for Paper Airplanes has been a truly rewarding experience. Both the tutor training and the student curriculum are of the highest quality, designed to meet the unique needs of Syrian students across the globe"

    - Theresa Brunker (Summer 2017)


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