• Our Mission

    Our mission is to bridge gaps in language, higher education, and professional skills training for conflict-affected individuals. By harnessing virtual learning technology and the benefits of peer-to-peer connections, we seek to provide a means of pursuing educational and employment opportunities.

  • Paper Airplanes is a nonprofit organization registered in the USA that matches individuals with personal tutors for 12-16 week sessions conducted via Skype and other video conferencing platforms. We have five programs, all formed in response to beneficiary demand.

  • Our Programs

    English Program

    Turkish Program

    Youth Program

    Citizen Journalism

    Women in Tech

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  • What Our Students Say

    "Our generation is trying hard to see life in a new way and strive for the better. I am thankful for Paper Airplanes because they opened the way for us to know new people from different cultures and learn the language from its origins."

    - Luna Tayan, Syria

    What Our Students Say

    "Currently, I am more confident in myself when I use English. When I started receiving lessons with Paper Airplanes I was in the pre intermediate level and currently, I'm at the advanced level."

    - Ismail Alhaj Osman, Turkey

    What Our Students Say

    "There's no doubt that Paper Airplanes improved my English and made this language to be more easy, flexible and simple to use. Speaking to a native tutor made the language more comfortable either writing and reading. I can be sure that 75% of my English level has improved because of my tutor's hardworking and the organization too!"
    - Abd al-Hadi Jarad, Syria

  • What Our Tutors Say

    "Tutoring for Paper Airplanes has been a truly rewarding experience. Both the tutor training and the student curriculum are of the highest quality, designed to meet the unique needs of Syrian students across the globe"

    - Theresa Brunker (Summer 2017)


    What Our Tutors Say

    "Without a doubt, I have developed leadership and communication skills unattainable elsewhere, as well as fostered a meaningful relationship with someone I never would have met otherwise."
    - Maisha Imam (Fall 2017)

    What Our Tutors Say

    "Paper Airplanes has allowed me to connect with someone I never would have gotten to know otherwise. It's always great seeing Omar grasp new abstract concepts, and to help him communicate about his interests in English."

    - Jake (Spring 2019)

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