•  This page is to honour programs that have been discontinued from Paper Airplanes but have had a massive impact on our students. 


  • Turkish Program


  • Turkish Program

     2016 - 2021

    Paper Airplanes noticed an increased need for refugees to learn Turkish. Turkey hosts nearly 3 million Syrian refugees that didn't speak Turkish before crossing the border. Knowing the local language and being fluent in it would greatly help refugees navigate the Turkish legal system, engage with businesses, participate in the local communities, and complete educational goals. From this need, Paper Airplanes decided to open the Turkish Program in 2016. 

  • Turkish Program Staff

    Past staff memebers

    Ismail Haj Osman

    Program Manager

    Melis Akdogan

    Program Coordinator

    Ayşegül Özmen

    Curriculum Developer

    Ece Hamamcı

    Tutor Coordinator

  •  Student Advising Program

     2020 - 2021

    Paper Airplanes noticed that their students had big dreams that they didn't know how to achieve, and we wanted to support them and help them achieve those dreams and that is how Student Advising was created. Student Advising worked with the students to help them achieve their educational and employment goals. They helped them find scholarships, write personal statements, and prepare their applications. 

    Student Advising Students were from and living all over the world 

    Burundi, France, Hungary, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Palestine, Somalia, Syria, Turkey, and Yemen.

  • Student Advising Staff

    Past staff memebers

    Valentina Spinedi

    Program Manager

    Chloe-Rose Crouch

    Program Coordinator

    Layla Nukairy

    Workshop Coordinator

    Fatima Abualenein

    Student Coordinator

    Nikola Deretic

    Mentor Coordinator

    Jasmine Sethi

    Student Coordinator

  • Youth Exchange Program

     2017 - 2021

    Unlike the other programs, the Youth Exchange Program didn't get discontinued but it merged with the English Program

    Unlike the other programs, the Youth Exchange Program didn't get discontinued but it merged with the English Program.

    There was an increase in demand from Youth to join the English Program, and for safeguard reasons, Paper Airplanes decided to create a different program in which the Youth can learn English by Youth. The Youth Exchange Program matched Students in High school with Tutors in High school. It was an excellent way for the students to learn English and learn about different cultures. It was also a great way for tutors to learn about other cultures and learn what is happening worldwide.

  • Youth Exchange Program Staff

    Past staff members

    Rabab Elgayar

    Program Manager

    Chantel Hover

    Program Coordinator

    Samar Moussa

    Admission and Enrollment Coordinator

    Crystal Myers

    Speaking Class Coordinators

    Sarah Faron

    Tutor Coordinator

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