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My name is "Brain"

Meet "Brain", a 25-year old Paper Airplanes student in Homs.

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Hello my name is …mmm let me call myself Brain ( I always wish to have one :D) anyway, I’m talking to you from Syria, Homs, I’m here to tell you some of my diaries, some of the stories we have been living through the last six years , and maybe I’ll tell you some of my secrets . but first of all let me introduce myself better.

My name is brain , I’m 25 years old , I studied economics and I’m studying an MBA, I have one older brother and one beautiful younger sister, and a cat , it’s 11 years old. My grandmother has come here around 9 months ago from Aleppo. She couldn’t resist more with no electricity, no water, and a lot of shells , she misses her home a lot she couldn’t acclimate with the new situation until now.

Of course you don’t know a lot about homs and homsi people, homs is a small quite beautiful city ,it’s population was around 1 million before the war but now It decreased to the half or less I think ,it has a mild climate, homsis are very white heart people with a sense of humor , BTW Most of the jokes here start with “once upon a time there was a homsi :D” .

this is enough for now cause I have to study , I’m doing my finals , wish me luck with it, meet you next week .

I’m sorry for my bad language but I’m still learning with Paper Airplanes :)

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