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My Experience with "Youth Exchange Program"

I have had the pleasure of being a part of Paper Airplanes since the summer of my 10th grade. As the Tutor Coordinator for my high school's Youth Exchange Program chapter, I lead weekly meetings to share tutoring experiences, discuss the refugee crisis, and exchange teaching stories and strategies. As a result, I've grown to become a leader in not only fostering cross-cultural connections on my school's campus, but also educational empowerment across the globe. Through the simple means of a Skype call, I've watched my peers dispel preconceptions about refugees and their experiences, and am excited to have created a group on my campus that actively advocates for the empowerment of refugees.

As an English tutor, my experiences with Paper Airplanes have also allowed me to foster my love for teaching. Through weekly lessons, I am able to see the impacts of my tutoring efforts firsthand while working with my student, and I'm proud to play a role in bridging the educational gap refugee youth face today. The face-to-face interactions Paper Airplanes fosters is unlike any other, and have given me a new outlook on the refugee crisis by understanding it through the eyes of those who experience it.

Paper Airplanes has taught me the value of patience, empathy, and cross-cultural understanding, and I could not be more grateful to this organization for the tutoring experiences I've had. Paper Airplanes is an organization that has not only given me the chance to teach English but has also opened the doors to new friendships and connections through the power of language.

- Nadine Fattah, YEP Tutor Coordinator, and Tutor


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