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Flying a Kite

By Khalil Hosen

Every person has a favourite toy they used to play with and enjoy for long hours when they were little. In short, because it represented their love and passion.

First of all, my favourite toy was a kite I flew in the sky. This kite was made from: plastic bags, light wooden sticks which were put inside the bag, and a spool of thread to control and move the kite in all directions with ease. It was easy to control when the weather conditions were right, thus l tried to fly it as high as I could, by running very fast.

Moreover, when the weather conditions were not good enough, so when it was very windy, rainy, or there was no breath of air, that meant the situation was completely different. This is because the kite’s movement depended on two things; the wind’s speed and power, as well as how fast I ran. I would run as fast as possible until the kite took off and flew into the sky.

In addition to this, I used to play with it before sunset because the weather was suitable, and the view was magnificent. When the kite reached a high altitude, it became quite hard to control and keep it from falling because its movement changed very quickly due to the strong winds. Add to that holding onto the spools as the thread got longer and the kite moved further away.

In conclusion, I love and miss my childhood toy a lot because those moments were so memorable, special, and priceless. However, when I grew up a little, I realised that my kite had not left me. It had decided to follow me and grow up with me, but it had changed its name from one flying object into another, the Paper Airplanes Organisation.

In the past, I made it, I controlled it, l drove it, and I flew it in all directions across the sky, just for joy and fun. It never crossed my mind that it would one day fly and come back to me again, to carry me and to accept me, to drive me instead of being driven, and to give me the most extraordinary opportunity. The opportunity to learn to master English. These online lessons with professional native tutors, working together with those who are dedicated to coordinating everything, help Paper Airplanes to achieve one goal. It consists of two sections: success and excellence.

Consequently, I am so thankful and grateful to have had this exceptional experience.

The views and opinions represented in this post belong solely to the author of the blog post, and are not representative of the views and policies of Paper Airplanes and its staff members.

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