• Women in Tech, Fall 2021 Projects

    Paper Airplanes provided technical support to students, but each project was student-driven and the end results are published here.

    Topics do not represent or reflect Paper Airplanes' views.

  • Curriculum

  • Women in Tech Curriculum

    Students can learn to code right in their own homes in the Women in Tech Program. They learn the core languages of the sector: Javascript, HTML, CSS, Python, and R. Once mastered, these skills not only improve their employment outlook but also allow them to work remotely.

  • Business Analytics Projects

    Python Projects

    This project aimed to create email automation to help email and match students and tutors faster. The student wrote a code to import the information from the spreadsheet into a google collab, then wrote a function that filled the data into the form and looped over the spreadsheet to do the same for all tutors, then wrote another function to send the forms as emails to all the tutors with the required information.

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