• Welcome, Volunteers!

  • What volunteer positions are available?


    All Paper Airplanes programs offer volunteer opportunities to become either a Tutor Coordinator, Mentor Coordinator, or Student Coordinator. Applicants may choose which position they prefer. These Coordinators check in with an assigned group of either tutors, mentors, or students to track their progress in the program, answer questions, and communicate any issues to Paper Airplanes staff. Groups can range from 5-25 members depending on the position and program.

    Paper Airplanes sometimes offers other volunteering opportunities. These positions will be published on this page and on our
    LinkedIn and Facebook.

  • Where can I apply to become a Coordinator?


    Applications for the Fall 2021 semester are currently closed. The current semester ends on December 17, 2021. Each program publishes its own application, and there are currently no projected dates for the Spring or Fall 2022 application openings. All application openings will be posted on this page and on our LinkedIn and Facebook.

    Paper Airplanes will have two semesters, Spring and Fall, for 2022 and asks our students to commit to the full semester for which they sign up. Specific dates for these semesters are to be determined and will be mentioned in their applications.

    • Spring 2022: January - May
    • Fall 2022: September - December

  • FAQ

    What is the time commitment?

    Coordinators accepted into a program must complete a training hosted on Google Classroom, which takes several hours to complete and includes: the current status of the Syrian crisis, which platforms Coordinators use to meet online, virtual tools used and record keeping, and Paper Airplanes's policies regarding conduct and safeguarding.

    For all programs, Coordinators dedicate approximately 2 hours per week.

    What are the eligibility requirements?

    All programs share these eligibility requirements:

    • Age 18 or older
    • Dedicated to assisting Paper Airplanes to fulfill its mission
    Student Advising:
    • Experience in applying to university and scholarships (academic pathway)
    • Established career in a particular sector (career pathway)
    Women in Tech:
    • At least intermediate knowledge of Javascript, CSS, HTML, Python, R, or Excel

    What additional characteristics does PA prefer for tutors and mentors?

    English Program:

    • Experience teaching English
    Student Advising:
    • Mentoring experience

    How are Coordinators matched with students/tutors/mentors?

    Paper Airplanes uses an algorithm to match Coordinators with their groups based on language ability, age, gender, interests, and availability. Matches are carefully reviewed by staff to ensure compatibility.

  • Do I have to create check-in tools?

    No, all programs provide written instructions for how to oversee assigned groups, as well as spreadsheet templates to track progress.

    What platforms do Coordinators use for communication?

    Coordinators meet their groups on platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, or others that suit their preference, and often use WhatsApp and email to stay in touch between meetings.

    Can I be a Coordinator with more than one program at a time?

    Yes, as long as you can commit to the full semester for all programs with which you'd like to be a Coordinator.

    What do I receive for my participation?

    All Coordinators receive a certificate of completion from Paper Airplanes upon successfully completing a semester.

    Will I receive a reference letter from Paper Airplanes?

    Paper Airplanes program staff write a reference letter upon request for their Coordinators who satisfactorily complete a semester.

  • More information about our programs

    Please also see these above program pages for their email contacts. Due to high email volume, we do not have the capacity to respond to general inquires regarding when applications will be open or how to apply. Please see this page for all updates regarding this information.


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