• Welcome, Volunteers!

  • What volunteer positions are available?


    Paper Airplanes sometimes offers other volunteering opportunities. These positions will be published on this page, on our LinkedIn and Facebook.

  • Where can I apply to become a Volunteer?


    Each program publishes its application, and all application openings will be posted on this page, on our LinkedIn and Facebook.


    Paper Airplanes will have two semesters, Spring and Fall, and asks our volunteers to commit to the full semester they sign up for. Specific dates for these semesters are to be determined and mentioned in their applications.


    • Spring: January - May
    • Fall: September - December

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  • More information about our programs


    Please also see these above program pages for their email contacts. Due to high email volume, we cannot respond to general inquires regarding when applications will be open or how to apply. Please see this page for all updates regarding this information. 

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