• Internship Opportunities

    At Paper Airplanes, we value deliberate thinkers, innovative solutions, and diverse voices. Join us as an intern and help us grow!


    To be eligible to apply you must:

    • Be proficient in English
    • Have graduated high school 
    • Be able to commit to a minimum of 2 months. 

    Internships are remote opportunities, but if you are in Amman, Jordan you will be directly supervised by Paper Airplanes' Managing Director. All interns are expected to submit a final report or presentation explaining the work they did.


    Summer internship opportunities are designed for university students looking to gain experience with non-profit work. Our summer internship program runs from end of May-early August and interns are work 20-40 hours a week. Students completing these internships will also be expected to participate in a journal club for the duration of the internship program.


    To apply, please send your resume, a brief explanation of why you would like to intern with Paper Airplanes, and your availability to gabby@paper-airplanes.org. Please include the internship position you are interested in in the subject line.

    Translation Intern (English to Arabic)

    This intern will work closely with our bilingual staff to ensure consistency in our translations. This intern will be focused on our student training, with the possibility of working on other projects.

    Survey Analysis Intern

    This intern will code and analyze the qualitative answers to surveys completed by Paper Airplanes students and tutors. This intern needs to have experience with qualitative coding and will be tasked with ultimately providing recommendations on how to improve tutor retention, the curriculum, and other aspects of Paper Airplanes’ programs. Arabic language skills are preferred.

    Partnership Research Interns (more than 1 position available)

    Partnership research interns will play a key role in Paper Airplanes growth by helping us identify different organizations and institutions that can help us recruit volunteer tutors. This is a great position for people looking to gain experience in community outreach.

    Pathway Partnerships Intern

    The pathway partnerships intern will research education and employment partners who can provide opportunities to our students once they graduate from our programs. There is a preference for individuals already familiar with actors in the refugee education space, especially in the MENA region. Arabic language skills preferred.

    Video Intern

    Paper Airplanes has a lot of raw footage from students and tutors about their experiences with us. We are looking for an experienced video editor to create a variety of promotional videos for us that can be used on our social media and grant applications.

    Graphic Design (Longer-term commitment desired)

    As an organization that operates completely remotely, Paper Airplanes online presence is a huge part of our work. We are looking for skilled graphic designers who can help us continue to grow and promote our image.

    Monthly Donor Subscriptions Research

    This intern will conduct research on how other non-profits have increased their number of monthly donors and provide recommendations to Paper Airplane’s operations team on how we can improve our fundraising efforts in this regard.

    Asset Mapping Interns (more than 1 position available)

    Asset mapping interns will research other organizations and programs in countries where Paper Airplanes has lots of students who provide complementary services (Ex. mental health counseling, clinics, legal aid). Interns could also work on developing a database or search functions that will enable staff and students to find the resources they need. Arabic proficiency is highly desired for this position.

    Summer Internships

    These are some of the projects that summer interns could work on.

    • The Alumni Database Developer Intern will create a system for current and former participants (tutors and students) to generate profiles so that members of the PA community can reach out to each other for career and academic advice. The intern should have prior experience in database development/management.
    • The Career Advising Research and Development Intern will research best practices in career advising in the MENA region with a particular focus on counseling for remote work. After this research, the intern will develop a guide for Paper Airplanes to implement a career advising program. This intern should have prior experience in conducting literature reviews and be a strong writer. Arabic language skills are preferred.
    • The Data Visualization Intern will integrate our data from RedCap with Tableau (or another visualization software) to allow us to communicate our impact in a meaningful way. Prior experience with both Redcap and Tableau is desired, other relevant experience with data visualization projects will be considered.
    • The Research on Online Communities Intern will conduct a literature review on how to create engaging and collaborative online communities for volunteers, tutors and students and provide recommendations to Paper Airplanes as to how to accomplish this.

    Curriculum Internships TBA

    In the coming months, Paper Airplanes will be looking for several interns to help with curriculum development in our English program, Youth Exchange Program and our Women in Tech program. If you would like to be notified once these opportunities are posted, please email gabby@paper-airplanes.org

  • Paper Airplanes is an equal opportunity employer. All applicants will be equally considered for employment regardless of race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran or disability status.

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