• Being well-versed in the English language is critical to accessing higher education and employment. Our English Program matches students with tutors, providing a detailed curriculum and personalized training to ensure success.


  • How It Works



    Once selected, students and tutors are matched based on their language abilities, age, gender and interests.



    Tutors go through an intensive virtual two-week training on the Syrian crisis, working with impacted persons, as well as language pedagogies.



    Matched pairs meet on Skype for two-hour weekly sessions for 16 weeks, using a custom, four-level curriculum.



    Tutors and staff assist students in preparing a CV and a personal statement, and also assist them in accessing professional development webinars.



    Students may apply for a test fund that covers exam fees and logistical costs for taking the IETLS or TOEFL exams. Selection is based on staff's approval.

  • A Language to Open International Doors

    The English language is a medium for students and tutors alike to learn about each other, the cultures they come from and the impact of current events on their lives. Our lessons promote cross-cultural exchanges that go beyond the screen, fostering relationships and a deeper compassion for those across the globe.

  • Program Impact

    Our surveys show high levels of English mastery and satisfaction among our participants.

    Language Preparedness

    73% of students felt prepared to use English in a university or work setting.


    *127 student responses

    Two-Way Learning

    Nearly all of our tutors said the Syrian Crisis felt closer to home after tutoring a student.


    *79 tutor responses

    Program Growth

    We've grown to serve hundreds of students each semester.

  • What Our English Students Say

    "I already recommended this course to most of my friends who need a space to improve their English skills. They can learn a lot by meeting and communicating with young native speakers, even making new friendships with their tutors."

    What Our English Students Say

    "It is absolutely recommended to all the Syrian students because it will narrow the cultural gap between the two or more cultures when you meet people from wide diversity. "

    What Our English Students Say

    "I have learned a lot of knowledge, but the most significant one is I have developed my communication skills with others from different countries. I have become confident with talking, chatting, sharing my ideas."


    What Our English Students Say

    "The best thing I enjoyed about this course was meeting international tutors and making great friendships with them."


    What Our English Students Say

    "All of the knowledge that I learned will help me to improve my language skills and open to me either to get a job or to get a scholarship."


  • FAQs

    Is there a set curriculum?

    All of our programs have a set, well-defined curriculum.

    How often do peer mentors and students meet?

    Peer mentors and students meet for at least 1.5 hours a week.

    How are students assessed on competency?

    The English Program has periodic assessments as part of the curriculum.

    How are peer mentors chosen?

    English tutors must be 18 or older and must have a clear reason for being interested in our work. Prior tutoring experience and experience teaching English is preferred but not required. Given the high volume of applicants, we also look at performance in our training, which is hosted on Google Classroom.


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