• Being well-versed in English is critical to accessing higher education and employment. Our English Program matches students (adult and youth) with tutors, providing a detailed curriculum and personalized training to ensure success.



    English Program Brochure

  • How It Works



    Once selected, students and tutors are matched based on their language abilities, age, gender and interests.



    Tutors undergo intensive, two-week training on the different crises, working with impacted persons and language pedagogies.



    Matched pairs meet on a platform that works for them for 1.5-hour weekly sessions for 18 weeks, using a custom, four-level curriculum.



    Tutors and staff assist students in preparing a CV and a personal statement, and also assist them in accessing professional development webinars.



    The C1 semester two students will be preparing to take the Duolingo test at the end of the semester.

  • A Language to Open International Doors

    The English language is a medium for students and tutors alike to learn about each other, the cultures they come from and the impact of current events on their lives. Our lessons promote cross-cultural exchanges that go beyond the screen, fostering relationships and deeper compassion for those across the globe.

  • Program Impact

    Our surveys show high levels of English mastery and satisfaction among our participants.

    Language Preparedness

    73% of students felt prepared to use English in a university or work setting.


    *127 student responses

    Two-Way Learning

    Nearly all of our tutors said the Syrian Crisis felt closer to home after tutoring a student.


    *79 tutor responses

    Program Growth

    We've grown to serve hundreds of students each semester.

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