On average, our students see a 25% increase in language proficiency after working with us for a semester. Help us continue unlocking work and educational opportunities for refugees and people affected by conflict.

  • $10

    Provide an hour lesson for a refugee or person affected by conflict in the Middle East.


    Add a new lesson to our curriculum!


    Run a professional development workshop for motivated students.


    Give a full semester of English to a refugee or person affected by conflict.


    Pay for an English IELTS exam for a refugee/person affected by conflict, enabling them to apply to university or a competitive job that requires English certification.


    Support a refugee high school class for a semester, giving English lessons and peer-to-peer intercultural connections with partner high schools across the globe.


    Run a group course geared towards test preparation or English conversation.


    Run the Turkish language program for a semester. Teach refugees Turkish by bringing them together with Turkish nationals.


    Run a professional skills program, like coding for women. Serving conflict-affected adults across the Middle East looking to gain necessary skills for employment.


    Run the English program for a semester. Serving hundreds of students and adults across the Middle East region.

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