• Our Staff

    We are a volunteer team of 21 students, educators, recent graduates, and former PA Syrian learners. We're young, passionate, and dedicated to Paper Airplanes' mission.

    Bailey Ulbricht 

    Founder, Executive Director

    A 2015 magna cum laude graduate of Carleton College with a B.A. in International Relations, Bailey is passionate about providing education to people affected by conflict, particularly in the MENA region. In addition to running Paper Airplanes, Bailey was the recipient of a $10,000 Davis for Peace grant, was a 2015-2016 Fulbright ETA in Turkey, and is a 2017 Marshall Scholar. At Carleton, she was captain of Carleton's varsity women's soccer team and a board member of the Model UN team. She loves podcasts, debating politics and good coffee. Feel free to contact her at bailey@paper-airplanes.org.

    Muriel Carpenter 

    Chief Operating Officer

    Muriel graduated from Swarthmore College with a major in French and Francophone Studies and minors in Arabic and Islamic Studies. Since 2013, she has been involved in immigration and refugee law and policy, and she is passionate about providing educational opportunities and additional support to those affected by conflict. Muriel studied in Jordan through the CASA Fellowship and interned with the International Refugee Assistance Project prior to beginning her work as a legal assistant at the Nationalities Service Center in Philadelphia. 

    Cheryl Hagan

    Fundraising Director

    My name is Cheryl Hagan and I'm a senior at Wesleyan University studying Religion, International Relations, and Middle Eastern Studies. I am the Fundraising Director, in charge of our fundraising efforts. I'm also still a tutor. As a refugee who also had to learn English, I want to help other refugees in their language journey and do my small part in helping solve the Syrian education crisis.

    Hanan Rimawi

    Public Relations Director

    Hi! My name is Hanan Rimawi. I’m a third-year undergraduate at Tulane University studying Neuroscience and Public Health with career goals in international humanitarian law. When I’m not sticking my nose in a book trying to better understand the ever-elusive human brain or agonizing over health disparities, I’m prolly singing the heart out of my not-even-five-feet body’s lungs, indulging in my fondness for creative nonfiction writing, or spending time with lovely elderly people at a nursing home in New Orleans. In today’s climate of abysmal policymaking, when even affirming the dignity of each and every person seems to have become an act of resistance, Paper Airplanes shines brightly as a beacon of hope for me. It is testament to what is possible when a small bunch of fiercely devoted and creative young people get together with aims to help other young people realize their educational potential.


    Mohammad Aljamous

    Arabic Social Media Coordinator

    My name is Mohammad, currently a student at Yarmouk University with a major in Business Administration, I have been born and raised in Syria, moved to Jordan to complete my study. I'm interested in voluntary work and learning about new cultures and I've got a tendency in tech fields. in 2015 I joined Paper Airplanes as an English language student, after my experience in learning English with Paper Airplanes I decided to be involved and help to improve the progress in the program which leads to empowering the Syrian students. I'm a firm believer in the right of education for refugees and conflict victims. I hope Paper Airplanes mission will make a true impact on the students, and I'm glad to be a part of it. please feel free to contact me at mohammad@paper-airplanes.org.


    Dylan Wells

    English Social Media Coordinator


    Dylan Wells is a recent graduate working in technology in the Bay Area. He first started working with Paper Airplanes a couple of years ago as a tutor, and is thrilled to now be working as a social media coordinator for the organization. In his spare time he reads, swing dances, and does improv comedy.

    Anna Farrell

    English Program Manager

    Anna Farrell graduated the University of Minnesota in 2016 with PhD in comparative and international development education and an MA in linguistics. Her BA is in linguistics and Japanese from Macalester College. Currently, Anna is teaching English to adult beginning level students and is an AmeriCorps recruiter for a college access non-profit for low-income and first generation college students. In her free time Anna Irish dances, bakes pies, reads mysteries, and plays with her pet rabbit.


    Mostafa Hassoun

    Student Manager

    My name is Mostafa and I will begin classes this fall at my local community college in Annapolis, MD. I am excited to start classes again this fall after 5 years away from school. I am discovering what I want to study so I am excited to try many different classes. I enjoy interacting with people from all different places and walks of life. I enjoy architecture, film, documentaries, and all kinds of music. I joined Paper Airplanes because I believe life is beautiful and we cannot lose hope and we have never surrender so I desire to reach people through language and bring new opportunities in their life and restore hope for their future.

    Ahmad Haj Mahmoud

    Assistant Student Manager

    I am Ahmad, and I am a 23 year old student from Syria, studying architecture at Near East university in Cyprus. I was working with an NGO while I was in Turkey from 2011 -2014. I believe that was a way to help people in Syria and I am here, to continue my journey helping Syrians and contribute. I want to help a small part of the massive shortfall Syrians trying to get an education face.


    Sarah Khan

    English Curriculum Developer

    Sarah Khan graduated with a M.Ed. in Professional and Secondary Education from East Stroudsburg University, Pennsylvania in 2015 after completing her Honors B.A. in English and Linguistics and Language Studies at York University, Toronto. In 2015, she was awarded the Fulbright Fellowship as an ETA in Turkey where she applied her pedagogical training and years of service as a student and community activist. Her passion lies in advocating for fair educational policies; creating accessible, quality-driven, and sustainable learning opportunities in post-conflict communities; and connecting students around the world to demonstrate the transformative value of personal relationships. Developing curricula and educational materials for Paper Airplanes encompasses all of these passions and has been her most rewarding project yet! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach her at sarah@paper-airplanes.org.

    Sarah Geselowitz

    Director, Women in Tech Program

    Sarah graduated from Swarthmore College, where she studied history, Arabic language and classics, in 2016. She went on to study at Grace Hopper Academy, a software engineering program for women. Sarah currently works as a software developer for an educational technology company in New York City, and she is excited to share her tech skills with Syrian students.

    Kinda Alzoubi

    Director, Turkish Tutoring Program

    My name is Kinda Alzoubi. I was born and raised in the great city of Damascus, Syria. I attended Damascus University and graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering. I believe that only by the optimal investment of human resources and the education of the masses, my country can stand up again.



    Chase Small

    Co-Director, Youth Exchange Program

    My name is Chase Small, and I am taking a gap year before attending Stanford University in the fall of 2018. I have grown up traveling around the world, including living in India for two years. There, I worked hard to immerse myself in the culture through learning Hindi and talking with people. During this time, I developed a passion for understanding global affairs and connecting with the individuals affected by them. I am also a passionate jazz musician. I am grateful for to the opportunity to give back and work with refugees.


    Julia Coletti

    Co-Director, Youth Exchange Program

    My name is Julia Coletti and I am an incoming freshman at Haverford College, where I will be playing basketball, and majoring in something highly unknown. In my free time I enjoy making art, being outdoors, and meeting and getting to know new people. I am very interested in learning about different cultures and the way that languages and conversation can bring people together. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with Paper Airplanes and to help students grow and realize their potential.

    Joelle Hageboutros

    Director, Student Webinar Series

    Joelle is a recent graduate of Swarthmore College with a double major in Political Science and French & Francophone studies. Being a tutor and manager for Paper Airplanes has been an incredibly rich and rewarding experience for her and she is thrilled to be helping out in a new role! Joelle is most excited about seeing the program's students progress and gain confidence in their English abilities to achieve their dreams and goals.

    David Rowley

    Level 1A English Program Manager

    David graduated from Fordham University, where he double majored in International Political Economy and Middle East Studies, in 2013 with summa cum laude honors. He has studied Arabic and taught English in Palestine, Jordan, Turkey and Tunisia over the past 4 years.In 2015 he earned his CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) from Cambridge University through Teaching House in New York City. David is passionate about history and languages, especially those of the Middle East. He currently lives in Tunisia where he teaches English and studies Arabic. David is very excited to be a Manager with Paper Airplanes and eager to help students progress in their language abilities and gain confidence in their English abilities!


    Stephanie Stewart

    Level 1B English Program Manager

    Currently in her Sophomore year at the University of Georgia, Stephanie is majoring in Middle Eastern Affairs, Women's Studies, and Physics. Stephanie is passionate about women's issues and her research interests center around women in conflict, particularly women in peacemaking and peacebuilding processes. She will be in enrolled in Complutense Universidad de Madrid during the spring of 2017 and will continue her Arabic studies in Oman throughout her junior year. She believes that education is a human right and is thrilled to be working with Paper Airplanes.


    Marichuy Ruiz-Gomez

    Level 1C English Program Manager

    Marichuy graduated from Smith College with a major in Government. Over the years, she has taught ESL in a variety of settings, and last year she was a Fulbright ETA in central Turkey. Additionally, Marichuy has supported development initiatives in Costa Rica, Mexico, and Spain. She is passionate about expanding worldwide access to effective and relevant learning and is thrilled to be part of the PA community. Marichuy enjoys good pasta, coffee, yoga, and long-distance running.


    Kate Yeager

    Level 1D English Program Manager

    My name is Kate Yeager and I am currently on a gap year where I have spent the past five months studying Arabic at the Qasid Language Institute in Amman, Jordan. I recently returned to my hometown of Fort Worth, Texas before I begin a degree in Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Edinburgh. I am incredibly passionate about the Middle East and education and the cross over between the two and am thrilled to be a part of the Paper Airplanes program.


    Gabrielle Wimer

    Level 1E, English Program Manager

    Gabrielle (Gabby) Wimer graduated from the University of Chicago in 2016 where she studied the history of medicine and human rights. She is currently living in Xela, Guatemala where she is working for MealFlour, a social enterprise that teaches people how to grow mealworms and turn them into a protein rich powder. She is passionate about global health and social justice issues and hopes to pursue a career in humanitarian aid.


    Hala Keilany

    Level 2A English Program Manager

    Hala currently lives in San Francisco and is working in UX. She graduated UC Berkeley a couple of years ago after studying Architecture and Pre-med. She grew up in Saudi Arabia for 18 years and visited 'home' in Syria almost every year. Both her parents and entire family are Syrian and everything going on there, as well as all the countries facing conflict, is very close to her heart. While in Berkeley, she tutored both arabic and non-arabic speakers on how to read the Quran, and organized a group of teachers in order to facilitate the syllabus we created. Hala most recently worked 1-on-1 with a 3 year old in a program called 10 Books a Home, where she met with her once a week and helped her strengthen her English and learning skills. While she loves the Bay Area, sometimes it really hits her that her entire family is so far away, halfway across the world. When not working with her amazing group of tutors and students, you'll find her reading, playing or watching soccer, or eating most things in sight.


    JoAnne Kosta

    Level 2B English Program Manager

    I recently graduated summa cum laude from the University of Oklahoma with a BA in Arabic and a BA in Middle Eastern Studies. Though I love languages, I am also passionate about history, art, horseback riding, international relations, and environmental sustainability. I have significant experience tutoring students in Arabic (MSA, Moroccan, and Egyptian dialects) and have also occasionally tutored native Arabic speakers in conversational English. I am excited to volunteer with Paper Airplanes, and I hope this experience will be overwhelmingly positive for all involved.

    Grace Babbs 

    Level 2C English Program Manager

    Grace is a rising junior at Carleton College who originaly hails from Paducah, Kentucky and is currently studying Arabic in Oman. At Carleton,she is studying biology and Middle Eastern studies. Long-term, she aims to work in public health in the Middle East, specifically as related to endocrine disorders. She feels privileged to be a part of Paper Airplanes and believes in students' potential to make a difference through connection. When not in class, she is probably in a pool
    somewhere, playing cards, or working on a knitting project.

    Sam Schnirring

    Level 2D English Program Manager

    My name is Sam, I'm a sophomore at Carleton College (Class of 2019). I'm a possible Political Science major and I run on the cross-country and track-and-field teams. I love animals and the outdoors, especially camping and hiking!

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