• English is critical for accessing higher education and employment. Our English program matches conflict-affected students from the MENA region with personal tutors.

  • How It Works



    Students and tutors are

    hand-matched by out staff



    Student-tutor pairs meet for 10 weeks on Skype.



    Our volunteer tutors rely on a four-level curriculum to provide personalized instruction.

  • Though pairs focus primarily on English, they often form close relationships that extend beyond the virtual classroom.

    Teaching English provides a medium for pairs to learn about each other, the cultures they come from, their passions, families, dreams, and how current events have affected each other. Our lessons are as much about fostering cross-cultural understanding as they are teaching English.

  • Our Successes

    Our surveys show high levels of English acquisition and satisfaction among our participants

  • Program Dates and Sign-Ups

    Winter/Spring 2017:

    January 27th - May 20th

    Applications are closed.

    Summer 2017:

    July 1st - August 20th

    Applications are closed.


    Fall 2017:

    September 24th -December 16th

    Applications will open August 20th.

    For more information on joining Paper Airplanes, contact admin@paper-airplanes.org.

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