The need for education and personal connections has never been greater. Help us grow.

  • Where Our Money Will Go

    We are a newly incorporated nonprofit that has operated entirely for free. Help us grow.

    Committed Staff

    We have gotten to our current point because our staff is simply dedicated to the mission of Paper Airplanes. Until midway through 2017, none of our staff were reimbursed for the work they have done. Still, only three of our over 25 staff members receive part-time compensation. We are incredibly grateful for our volunteers' work, but we see increasing paid staff as an integral part of continuing and sustaining Paper Airplanes.

    Supporting our Students

    Many of our students are unable to afford the applications or exams they need to pursue higher education. We think this is wrong: no one should be refused education or certification for financial reasons. We want to support our students in pursuing higher education and expensive certification exams.

  • Our Proposed Spring 2017 Budget

    Our goal is to raise an initial $10,000, which will hire three part-time staff positions for $100 per week, pay for 25 student exams, and reimburse individuals who helped us pay the required fees for nonprofit organizations.

    A Breakdown

    Our total comes down to $13,873: that's less than it costs to buy a 2017 Ford Fiesta, or to fly first class from San Francisco to Hong Kong.

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